100% natural, nutritious and tasty porridge flour mixes that do not trigger allergies or cause constipation in babies

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Why choose us?

We precook ingredients. This ensures that in 10 minutes of simmering, all ingredients in your porridge are completely cooked. Age-appropriate mixes guard against negative reactions such as difficulties in digestion and constipation

Nutritious AND TAsty!

We combine two to three complementary ingredients and use new production techniques to achieve highly nutritious and tasty flour blends which support your child’s development


Our products have always, and will always contain 100% natural ingredients. They contain no additives, sweeteners or preservatives in them, only wholesome indigenous ingredients that you can trust.


We take Nature's Bowl porridge daily, we cannot go by the day without it, because we noticed that it gives baby a huge appetite, he even eats his greens nowadays. I would urge mothers to try it out, it’s so nutritious
Deborah Munyoki

Nature’s bowl flours are yummy and loved . Unlike the other flours that I have used that caused constipation, this brand is very gentle on my baby

Halyma Juma

I use Nature's Bowl every day for my son, because with it I am guaranteed of top quality fresh flours Every mother should give it a try

Nancy Kamau